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February 2, 2011

Wedding Redo: Gray Class

I would ask for a beautiful basal set ring like this.
The guys would wear all gray like this.
I would for sure have this dress!! It's so simple, but I just love the detail on the back!
The girls would have this beautiful dress.

We'd get married in a church like this.
We'd have some simple invites like these.
And this hall, and the decor, it's perfect for the reception!
We'd put a couple of these in each bathroom too, to add a little decor in there. Aren't they pretty?
We'd do little favour boxes like these with candies or cookies on the inside.

And as always Martha Stewart has a great cake for me!

January 19, 2011

Wedding Redo: Run Away Wedding

I know my Wedding Redo posts are usually a lot longer, and have a lot more photos but really, if you're wanting to just run away and get married you don't need much more then this, other then your man. I leave the rest up to you and your imagination.

January 12, 2011

Wedding Redo: Flowers

First of all I would ask for a ring like this.
I would have one of these two beautiful flower inspired dresses.
And I would do my hair simply like this.

The girl's would all have this dress in this beautiful soft green.

And the men would have these suits.
...With these boutonnieres!
If we had a ring bearer he would carry this great flower pillow!
My flowers would be this great array of flowers and leaves.
We'd have fun and simple invites.
And lots of green and white for the tables, chairs and centre pieces

I'd have one of the two of these beautiful white cakes, or maybe a variation of the two!?

And at the front of the aisle there would be this wonderful flower wall!

For favors we would have these green tea cupcakes!
We'd have a fruit table with as much fruit on it that we could fit! And then we would have some beautiful birds like these made of fruits and veggies!

We'd for sure take some fun flower pictures like these.

January 5, 2011

Wedding Redo: Spring Theme

This time we'll start with the guys, and they would have these suits, with great lime ties.

I'd have a ring like this.
The girls would wear these vibrant blue dresses
Our invites would be one of the two of these great designs

And of course the food! Nothing but fresh fruit and veggies!

My flowers would be one of these two bright arrangements

For favors we'd have these personalized candles!

I couldn't pick just one dress so I put all three that I found in! Maybe I'd switch a few times throughout the night?
We'd have some great cupcakes like these, but in a bit brighter colors

We'd have a little drink station like this

We'd have great tables and center pieces like these

And menus like these