May 18, 2012

Angel Vine Plant Care

Light: Bright light is best

Water: Keep moist. Check for water daily, especially if in a warm environment or placed on a windowsill

Temperature: Normal room temperatures are fine

Hardiness: USDA Zone 6

Very fast grower. Trim the plant regularly to keep its shape. Stems become very wiry with age.

Angel vine or mattress vine (Muehlenbebeckia complexa) is a tough, high growing ground cover plant. Although this plant likes full sun, we have grown it under shade so it must be acclimated to full sun. Indoors, this plant will do best in a bright location, but will tolerate periods of less than desirable conditions as long as it periodically gets time to recuperate under ideal conditions .

Keep angel vine evenly moist at all times. This plant uses lots of water when warm. It will, however, recover from going completely dry and wilting, losing only the most dried out leaves. This plant is a fast grower, so limiting fertilizer will also help to limit its growth.

The only pest we have seen on angel vine is aphids. For a minor infestation, just wash them off or squeeze them. For a heavy infestation use any chemical labeled for aphid control.

Angel vine can be grown outdoors in USDA Zone 6 and above in the ground, or USDA Zone 9 in pots year round.


  1. Thanks very much for your post. I just purchased one of these plants last night, and your article told me everything I need to know, to keep it healthy!

  2. Brought my angel vine indoors here in VA mid October and it is still loosing leaves almost end of Nov. any ideas?

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