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October 29, 2012

Make Me Happy Monday: Plants

I unfortunately didn't save the link to this great photo, and have held onto it for so long that I can't remember for the life of me where it came from...but....I just love their center pieces and I want to do something like this in my yard. Plants always maybe me happy, and even more so when they are redone in a creative way.

Have a happy Monday!

May 4, 2011

Happy Couple

Don't they look so happy? These are the type of couples I want to be friends with! I saw these photos and just had to share them with you. And I love the fact that they are in the forest; so romantic!

March 11, 2011

DYI: Paper Flowers

Aren't these flowers so pretty? I've been out of the how Do It Yourself thing for a while 1) because I've been so busy 2) because I did so many for a while that I had too much stuff and 3) because it can get a bit expensive if it's just for fun. BUT I think when we're all set up in our house and I'm working on my sewing/painting corner I'm going to make myself a nice vaseful of these pretty flowers! And I never have to make sure there's water which is a total plus for me!
Check out the post on The Bridal Cafe for the full DIY!

February 10, 2011

Valentine's Day Engagement Photo Idea

I know, it's not Valentine's Day yet but so what? If you get in engaged, or are in a relationship it should always be able love! And with that here are some super wonderful photos from
Simply Bloom!