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March 17, 2013

Movie Reel

For a good time call - halarious, I loved it, and would watch it agian

Brave - I only watch animated movies because I feel like I should because people talk so much about them.

Vegucation - A must watch. It's seriously changed my view on a few things and helped me make a few part decisions I needed to make.

The Business of Being Born - Very interested and informative

Seven Psychopathic  - Weird but very artist

Argo - SO good! There's a reason it's won so many awards!

January 12, 2013

Movie Reel

There are some seriously good movies in this post!

Lincoln - Slow, all talking, not really any action, all politics, almost three hours, but really good and powerful.

Pitch Perfect - Hilarious, I plan to watch it again and again

Hope Springs - Really cute, I really liked it.

Les Mis - Have always been a fan, wasn't too sure about it being remade again but wow, I love it!! I will be watching this one many times as well.

November 28, 2012

Movie Reel

 Skyfall - I'll be honest, I didn't love it, it wasn't my favorite bond, far from it.

Cosmopolis - Strange movie. I like the way it was written but I'm not too sure I would recommend anyone watching it.

Footloose - It was a nice brainless movie and it really made me want to get out and go dancing!

(We watched all the Twilights before going and seeing the last Breaking Dawn...So do I really need to say that I loved the books and like the movies? I mean...I've seen them all a few times through)

November 13, 2012

Movie Reel

Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter - A lot better then I thought it would be. Some good action, and a pretty good story.

The Lookout - We watched this cause it was filmed where we live. I liked it.

Chole - Weird. Totally different then then what I've seen any of those actors in before. I can't say I'd recommend it, actually, don't watch it! 

And then all the rest...As you can see, we've watched a lot of "scary" movies lately. Halloween movie watching! It's a tradition!

October 13, 2012

Movie Reel

Katy Perry, Part of Me - I really loved it! I love those behind the scenes documentaries. And I find her very fascinating and interesting. 

Big Miracle - It's got people saving animals. I mean really, how would I not like that? And of course I cried.

Carnage - Don't watch it. Unless you're really into one scene movies, then knock yourself out! I guess I was expecting something different. It was a Marshall pick and he sometimes doesn't see the negative in trailers that I do.

May 26, 2012

Movie Reel

The Avengers - I really liked it. I've liked all the movies leading up to it, and I have a thing for that sort of mystical action.

The Vow - Not as cheesy as I thought it would be. It was nice because it seemed just a lot more realistic so that was nice for a change!

Fargo - Great movie, I live so close to the states and go to
Fargo often so it was really funny cause I could relate to the context. Messed up movie though! The

Woman in Black - I watched it with one of my girl friends who scares easy which made it that much more scary. I thought it ended a little weak but over all a good movie.