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August 13, 2011

Boon Burger

My dinner club decided on Boon Burger this last month. I'd never been (which is sort of the point. We try to go to places none of us has been to) but I knew it was veggie land, so I wasn't too sure what I would get. I'm not the hugest fan of most veggie burgers but these ones were pretty good. It wasn't all tofu made to taste like meat which was really nice.

I had the chilli fries which were good other then not having enough cheese.

We got approached four times while eating by homeless people for change. That sort of took away from the experience, because, well we were trying to eat and have a conversation and it's just having your waiting come and interrupt you every five minutes except this makes you feel even worse because someone that needs something is asking for money (you hope it's for food) right when you are eating something tasty.

Anyways, I'd give it a 5. It was ok. I tried it. I wouldn't go back again for a long time, mainly because I don't love that type of food (I want meat in my burger please!) and there's still so many places in this wonderful city I haven't tried yet. I did like the toy animals as order numbers though. That was fun.


This was not from Boon Burger. My friend Roxy who has her own restaurant brought this for us for dessert. OH MY GOSH was it good! I think she called it Midnight Truffle. Wow, I just have to say, she's amazing and I could eat that all night!

June 17, 2011

Smoke's...A huge disappointment

We went with our friends TJ & Carolyn to try out Smoke's. I wanted to go there opening day but I am glad we didn't because as it was we still had to wait in like for around 30 minutes. I hate waiting for food, and I usually eat a little something before I got places because I get so edgy when I'm hungry so I was hoping this poutine was going to be seriously worth it.

This wall idea was very cool. I like that. There decor and store design was very cool.

I liked the pop shoppe drinks. Marshall said it tasted like dish soap but that just meant more for me!

I tried the poutine with bacon. I was super excited and it smelt good...but it didn't taste so good. The bacon tasted like the worst microwave bacon I have ever tried, there wasn't a lot of cheese or gravy, and the fries where really mushy. For a totally of $18 for 2 (small) poutines and one drink we were not impressed. I'll be honest I like the $4 (two times the size!) poutine and costco better!

Marshall was really happy here...not so happy after eating it. We all felt pretty gross after and it just sort of sat there in our stomachs all night. Maybe the quality sucked because of the amount of people they were serving but I can't say I'll be going back there any time soon. Great to be with friends, and it was fun trying it but that's about it!

June 16, 2011

Garage Saling, Love Winnipeg & Stella's

 A couple of weeks ago Marshall, my mom and I spent the day garage saling. We were going to go the the big neighborhood garage sale in Lindenwoods (a nicer area of the city) but we saw a couple of signs on a street close to mine (the more earthy, hippy area of the city) and turns out that whole street has garage sales all on the same Saturday together every year. We got some seriously great stuff (which I will be posting about in the Thrift House series) and spent all morning there!

Then we decided to have lunch (and stop back at our place to empty the car) and came across Love Winnipeg set up in a parking lot. They had all sorts of great stuff including free plants (which mom and Marshall are both holding).

They had all these free lotions and things. You could pick 3 of them each and they wrapped them up nice for you with a bow. They also had free toys (which I grabbed for Ollie), free music, bike repair, petty zoo, coffee, cookies and drinks. They really know how to do it!

(They were really having a good time to the music, very entertaining to watch!)

This is the bakery part to the new Stella's. It made me feel like I was in Europe again, I loved it. I can't wait to have a chance to sit in there with a pastry and a book!

Their little patio between the bakery and the restaurant. It was so cold that day, but maybe we'll sit out there next time.

The things you see in Wolseley...

Don't these all look great? They really know how to make a great breakfast there. The sandwiches were good too but the breakfast is just my favorite. My mom and I shared and I ended up eating more of hers them my own.

If you haven't been to this location yet I suggest it. I really like it, a lot!

Isn't my mom pretty?

June 2, 2011

Road Trip: Day 9, Part 2: LA-Yogurtland, My new favorite place

I had never heard of this place until we were in Vegas and they had a couple there. We didn't get one then but when I saw it after leaving Universal Studios I didn't care how cold it was outside I was getting one.

You can pick from I think 10-12 different flavors and then you go and put on your own toppings; as much or as little as you want. You can mix and match it up to your hearts content. You pay by the ounce so you can get as much or as little as you want. 

I really wish we had one of those here!!

May 27, 2011

Free Day Fun!

So as I told you it was free day and we were going out to find some good stuff! We did really well (I'll take pictures of it all yet and post again!) and it was another successful free day!

I'm not sure if you can totally tell but this house has a river in front of it! They made their own mot! Pretty cool!

This house is so cool! They took an old brink house and totally modernized it. If it was so sale (and I had that kind of money) we would totally buy it!

This chair was great but just a little too much work to make it useable again.

It's a little hard to see in a picture but there is a herd of horses made out of wood in this yard. Very neat idea. 

Unfortunately not free.

After a long day of getting free stuff we went to The Grove for lunch. I had a Groupon so that was great (we've been waiting for a reason to use it). They all ordered the same burger, which they all said was really good, so that's great. It's like a pub in there but it's designed to look old, it's not really old, so it's not as nice, like the Elephant and Castle or somewhere like that down town. Still good though!

Our friends Katie & Kyle. They're wonderful

On a sale of 1-10 (1- Horrible, it should be closed down!! 10- Amazing, would go back again and again!) I give it “8- Good Service, good food, good pricing, I’d go back if someone really wanted to.”

I had a veggie burger for the first time. It was really good! I would get it again! 
(This is the closer you will get me to do one of those nude face posts, I'm not wearing any makeup here)

April 10, 2011

Chocolate Goal...

Ok, so I thought seeing as Ciao is doing the Indulge thing this month I am going to try to go to as many of the places that I haven't been to before as I can. Of course I'm not going to go to the places that the desserts sound boring (and there are a few!) but here's the list of places I want to try and hit up!

Chocolate Zen- Dark Chocolate Coconut Macaroons
Joe Black Coffee Bar- Chocolate Mousse
De Luca's Bakery- Dulce De Leche Slice
High Tea Bakery- Brownie Duo
Lilac Bakery- Chocolate Cake
Steve's Bistro - Mud Pie
Sweet Impressions- Cupcakes & Cookies

I know, it's a but of a list to fit in all in April but I love trying new places and we have a few double dates so I'm hoping I'll have some other people wanting to try these places with me! (And considering that there's 30 different places I think I narrowed it down pretty good!)

If you haven't checked out the site yet here's the link again!