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December 3, 2011

Cheap Seats December Coupon!

 Hi all, 
Here's another great coupon for the cheap seats! Happy movie watching! 

May 4, 2011

May Movie Coupons!!

Here's the May Cinema City coupon! It seems like forever since I've been there! And I'm hoping with the nice weather I won't be entertained with movies but rather the outdoors very soon!

In the mean time check out my Movie Reel posts for some great movie ideas!

April 21, 2011

Happy Hour- 50% Clothes

The Sally Ann has 50% off call clothes in the store every Wednesday between 6-8pm. They are starting to add different types to this time as well but that's TBA. 
I just got three great dresses and a sweater from there! I'll be posting about them soon :)

April 11, 2011

99 Cent Teen Burgers!!

Pretty great deal right? You can only use one per customer, and you can only print out one per account, but I opened up a few accounts (me, my husband, my business etc.) so I have four coupons. I'm pretty excited! 

If you haven't checked out Go Deals yet you need to!

April 5, 2011

Dine About Winnipeg: Chocolate!!!

I can't wait to try some of these! I hope I get to go to a few! Check out the Ciao website for more details.

April 1, 2011

Ice Cream for 33cents!

If you live in Winnipeg, or in the area this is a great deal! Go Deals has been having a lot of really great offers lately! I am signed up for pretty much every coupon and 50%-90% off site there and when I saw this one I was like "Oh another one? Aren't they all just going to offer the same stuff?" but so far they have had a lot of coupons like this as well which I really love.

If you're not signed up with them already you really should!

March 21, 2011

National Pancake Day

Today is national pancake day at Perkins. You get a free stack of buttermilk pancakes. They ask that you consider making a donation to the Give a Wish Foundation.

Pancakes and helping kids, two very good things!

March 3, 2011

March Movie Coupon!

Here's the March movie coupon for Cinema City! $2 tickets are my best movie friend! (Maybe other then Netflix)

February 10, 2011

Kernels: Buy one get one free Tuesdays

I had a $5 gift card for Kernels from a Christmas party and I had a buy one get one free coupon from my Show and Save so I went to get myself some almost free popcorn. The lady asked me if I wanted to buy one large and get one free. Did you know that every Tuesday they have that? You buy one large you get another free. Pretty great! I stuck with my coupon, which was for a medium (still a very good amount of popcorn) and got my two bags for $3 instead of the $16.50 it was going to be.

Next time you have a craving for this expensive stuff make sure you go on a Tuesday!

Happy budgeting!


I here are some great contests for you lovelies! Way better then the lottery and having to pay to try and win something!

Win a trip for 2 to the 54th Annual Grammy Awards & $1,000 in spending money!

Sponsor: Global TV

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Write the End and Win $25,000

Sponsor: Doritos

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Win a Grand Prize Trip to Orlando, FL

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Win a 2011 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT

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Meet Justin Bieber in London

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February 6, 2011

$2 off Softlips Coupon

If you like soft lips here's a $2 off coupon! I'm still working through my mass collection of lip related products. Man, it's amazing how much you can accumulate! I've stopped letting myself buy any until I use some up a lot of the 20 different variates that I have!

February 2, 2011

I want that $5 Amazon gift card!

Have any of you tried out Swag Bucks yet? I heard about it and thought I'd give it a try. For me so far it doesn't seem like a very effective way to get points unless I buy my Groupon or Team Buy coupons through Swag Bucks in which case I can get around 400 Swag Bucks which gets me pretty close to that $5 Amazon gift card (who doesn't love amazing?!). You can watch their Swag Bucks TV, do surveys and all sorts of other stuff too but right now that seems like way too much work for the small amount of points you get. It's a good thing to do when you're board though, that's for sure!

Right now I'm at 44 points. I'm just waiting for there to be a Groupon I want to make it worth it! But if you think about it; if you were going to buy the Groupon anyways why not really capitalize on this couponing thing right? Even more bang for your buck!

January 20, 2011

Olive Garden $5 off 2 Entrees

I like Olive Garden but I think it's over priced for what you get. What to do? Well I don't go, or with a coupon like this maybe a would. The way it works is you get either $2.50 off one meal or you go with other person and get $5 off 2 entrees. Limits print volume so get your coupon quick!

January 12, 2011

Jewelry Give Away!

So I decided that I have this huge collection of jewelry that I’ve made and it’s just sitting there. I’ve tried having an etsy site, but I’ll be honest, I’m just not dedicated enough to make that really work for me.

What to do? Have a give away!

I’m not too sure how often I will do this but I’m just warning you now, in a few days will be the first! I’m excited!

I have all sorts of stuff so I wanted to hear from you all: What do you want? If there could be one piece you’d like to add to your collection what would be it be? A new bracelet? Some vintage earrings? Try me, I might have something just for you!

Leave me a comment with “requests” and check back in a couple days for the first of many give aways!

January 7, 2011

Winniepg Library: Free Kid's DVD Rentals

For those of you that frequent the library I'm sure you know this but for those of you that don't I thought I would let you know that kid's DVD rentals are free at the library (regular ones are only $2.10 FYI).

I was just there picking up a few things. I had requested The Christmas Carol (the Jim Carrey one) and was waiting for it. And it just happened to be what Marshall wanted to watch today (after getting his wisdom teeth out) and it just happened to be ready for pick up too! So nice when things work out like that! Free is way better then $6 at Blockbuster or on Video on Demand!

Coupon Give Away

Ok, so this might be lame but I have these coupons and I'm not going to use them so I'd like to give them away.

They are from Cineplex so they'll work at the "cheap seats" or Silver City.

Free Maltesers with your purchase of a drink
Free drink with your purchase of Nachos
$25 off at Roots with your purchase of $100 or more
$10 off Chapters, Indigo or Coles with your purchase of $50 or more
$5 off your online purchase of any regularly priced DVD/Bluray (at the Cineplex website)

Leave me a message with which coupon or coupons you want and I'll pick someone and mail it to you!

Have a creative day!

January 6, 2011

Groupon: Imax

It's $20 for two passes, 2 drinks and a popcorn! Pretty good deal I think! I got one for Marshall! He loves the Imax but I always think it's too expensive so here we go!

December 19, 2010

My New Favorate Site: Flyer Land!!

Ok, so I love knowing about deals but I hate having all these papers to go through and I hate the idea of looking through all of it and then just throwing it away. I can only reusing so much news paper (like on my indoor composter for example!) and then I just feel bad about all the trees I'm killing! I put up "No flyers, coupons welcome" signs on my mail box recently but I still wanted to know about all the deals! What to do? I found Flyerland!

So the way it works is you register, click all the stores you want to be updated on and then every time they put out a sale or flier you get an email about it! You get linked to the site, were you can view it and print out any coupons they have. Great right?

Just thought I'd share that with you because I'm loving it!

December 14, 2010

Cinema City Dec & Jan Coupon!!!

I've used this one 4 times already! I know it's already cheap but who doesn't want a movie for $2 right? Here's the link to the printable coupon!


Gift Card Extra!!!

Hey all! I found these on Saving Money In Winnipeg and I thought I just had to pass them on to you! I already got Marshall the one for Subway!!


Extreme Pita
$20 gc, get $5 bonus

Red Lobster
Code for $5 off $25 gc online & free shipping

Boston Pizza
$50 gc, get a coupon for individual pizza or pasta (valid dine-in only Jan. 4-31)

$25 gc, get a free 6” sub

Empire Theatres
$30 gc, get a $30 coupon booklet

$50 gc, get $10 gc (valid Jan. 2-Feb. 28)

$10 gc, get a free snack wrap and medium Coke beverage.
$20 gc, get a free Big Mac and medium Coke beverage.

Kelsey’s/ Montana ’s
$25 gc, get $5 gc (valid Jan. 1- Feb. 28)

$50 gc, get $10 gc (valid day after purchase – Feb. 28)

$50 gc (non-Safeway), get 10 air miles
$100 gc (non-Safway), get 25 AM

Second Cup
Buy a $3 Special Edition Holiday gc & SC will make a donation to the Salvation Army

Also, I found one for Ciniplex; get a $30 and get $70 worth of extras (all sorts of coupons)