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March 9, 2010

My Book Club

I'm starting a book club! I'm really excited about it. I figured I love reading books, I love talking about books, and I love getting a bunch of girls together so what better then this right?

So I thought I would share the details with you here, maybe for those of you that like the idea but don't know where to start!

Oh and if you have some good reads send the suggestions to me! I'm always open to a new book!

So here’s how it’s going to work:

1) Each month we meet to talk about that month’s book (E.g. the last Thursday of every month)

2) We alternate locations (restaurant, someone’s house, etc) and the host is the one that picked the book for that month (try to pick a book that none of the other members have read)

3) At each meeting we pick the next month’s host and they let us know which book they have picked

4) Try to pick a book you know can be read off or is available at the library

5) Other then the host, two additional people (volunteers, or a rotation) will bring a snack of some sort (cookies, spinach dip etc.)

December 21, 2009

Reading, Reading, Reading!

I love reading!! I wanted to start doing posts about books, and I still might, but I thought joining some sort of book club might be better, you know meet more people, find some new books to read.

With most things I am trying to learn more about I googled “book clubs” and found Shelfari. It’s really easy to use, and you can add books to your shelf (it’s very visual) that you’ve read, are going to read and are reading right now. And then you can search for people that are reading the same books as you and make friends and join discussions. I’m really liking it so far!

So if you are looking for a online book club/group I would suggest thing one!