December 18, 2009

What If Our Houses Were Really Made Of Gingerbread?

Every year my family makes a gingerbread house. When we were in Califorinia one year we couldn’t find a house kit so we made a tree! It was still pretty cool.

I just recently learnt that the white house has a tradition of doing a gingerbread house each year, so I thought I would include one of those!

This year we are going to make a train...not sure how well we will do. (I think this might even be the one my mom bought!)

This is the house we made last year...not the best every but we’re working our way up, better and better each year.

For those of you that were really curious what it would be like if our houses were readying made of gingerbread this was the closest example I could find.

AND if you really love gingerbread get yourself one of these candles and you’ll have the wonderful spiced smell for hours!! You can find this at


  1. oh my gosh, they're so pretty! fun post!

  2. Super fun post Mandi! I want to make that train with you guys. I remember making that tree when we were traveling down the coast of California. We were in San Diego that year for Christmas. It's funny you I just say your post about this because I wrote about that gingerbread tree in the card I sent to dad for Christmas.

    That candle looks super fun from the etsy shop! I'm going to go check it out ;)


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