January 25, 2010

Marshall’s Birthday: Up-cycled Carrot Cake Trifle

So on Friday for Marshall’s 25th birthday party I tried to make him a two layer cake covered in fondant. I worked on it for an hour, and well, it turned out horribly. He loved it (because it tasted great!) but it was not at all presentable.

Having used up most of my time, and baking skills for the day I asked him if it was ok if I made a carrot cake trifle. (He said “sure, go for it!” I think he was just pumped he got two “cakes”)

I had taken almost a full carrot cake home from a party and put it in the freezer. It was going to get thrown out otherwise and I hate seeing food wasted. I wasn’t too sure when we would eat it, and I knew the icing wouldn’t be to pretty anymore when I took it out next, but I came up with a use for it in the end!

So if you have a left over birthday cake, or carrot cake, or any other sort of cake, but don’t want to through it out freeze it and try this the next time you have a party.

1 carrot cake (or left over cake of your chose)
1 pack of vanilla pudding
1 tub or whipped cream (or whip your own cream)

Mix your pudding and put in the fridge to set. Make your whipped cream and set aside.

Cut up your (frozen) cake into cubs and put in a bowl.
Get out a serving bowl and start layering: cake, pudding, cake, whip cream etc.

Finish with a little whip cream on the top.

If you’re wanting to do this trifle from scratch here’s a great carrot cake recipe!


  1. but what's the orange layer??

  2. Oh sorry, in that photo that's a pumpkin sort of layer.


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