September 8, 2010

My Mom is Wonderful.

So not only did Marshall and I have our own anniversary celebration my mom wanted to do something for us too.

She's known that I wanted air plants for a while so she took up to Shelmerdine's and told me to pick some out.
(Newly placed on my kitchen table...but I had to give them a good soak first)

Then she ordered ribs from The White House because she knows we've wanted to try that place for a while

and afterward she took us to BDI for ice cream because she knows Marshall loves BDI and we love going for ice cream.

AND if that wasn't enough she gave us another gift; a paraffin wax hand dip! You should have seem Marshall light up! Even before we started dating whenever he was over he would use my mom's and now we have our own.

My mom has always been amazing at celebrating events and special occasions but I wasn't expecting this. I truly felt spoiled! Hospitality and generosity are just two of the many amazing trates my mom has. She's such an amazing woman and I'm so glad she's my mom.


  1. Mom is truly great at making us feel super special isn't she?
    I can't wait to spend some time with you ladies doing girlie things!

  2. ya she's just the best!! she makes me feel so special and loved all the time!


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