December 19, 2010

My New Favorate Site: Flyer Land!!

Ok, so I love knowing about deals but I hate having all these papers to go through and I hate the idea of looking through all of it and then just throwing it away. I can only reusing so much news paper (like on my indoor composter for example!) and then I just feel bad about all the trees I'm killing! I put up "No flyers, coupons welcome" signs on my mail box recently but I still wanted to know about all the deals! What to do? I found Flyerland!

So the way it works is you register, click all the stores you want to be updated on and then every time they put out a sale or flier you get an email about it! You get linked to the site, were you can view it and print out any coupons they have. Great right?

Just thought I'd share that with you because I'm loving it!

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