December 18, 2010

Organize It: The Black Hole a.k.a. The Hall Closet

I find that the hall closet is often the everything closet; if you don’t know where to put something it goes there. When we were still in our apartment our hall closet was acting as a linen closet, tool shed, storage room and pantry. We didn’t have a lot of room so each shelf had a different function and title.

But I think everything has its place and if your hall closet is your linen closet then keep it that. Don’t just put things in there just because you’re lazy and can’t think of somewhere else to put it (I’ve so been guilt of this!).

Closet clean up:
1) Define what you want that closet to be (e.g. linen closet, pantry, etc.)

2) Take out everything that doesn’t fit your closet definition

3) Reorganize the order of what is left in a closet and decide how you want it to look from now on (face clothes on this shelf, beach towels and cleaning products on this shelf etc.)

4) Go through the pile of things you’ve taken out. Get rid of what you’ve kept for now reason or don’t need any more (the thrift store in your area will be happy to get a donation!) and find a new home for the other items

5) Keep up the system! When you come across something that doesn’t fit your hall closet definition don’t even think about putting it in there. Find it the right home right away or in a little while you’ll end up having to start the process all over again.
Simple right? Happy organizing!

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