January 26, 2011

January Movie Reel

I decided that I'm going to start posting the movies I've watched. I figure there are a lot of movies out there that I have never heard about and I'd love to know about films out of the normal Top Ten so I thought I'd start with sharing mine to help you out in that area too! If you have any movie suggestions for me I'm all ears!!
(these posts are also for my sister because I'm always telling her about things I've watched that she's never heard of!)
A good girly movie for a no brainier sort of night
What did you think of this one? A little weird but I still liked it.
I loved the King's Speech! I would watch it again! This time with Marshall

I always love true stories made in to movies and it's crazy how much this man actually got away with before getting caught!

I went to see this movie with my mom and I loved it. I love Chicago and Moulin Rouge and all the movies like that so this one was just another hit for me. The acting was a bit cheesy and I just couldn't buy into Christina as a Innocent girl from the country but it was still a good movie!

This documentary was a little slow but super good. I liked getting to go along the life of a off the wall restaurant owner. If the place is still open the next time I go to New York I am going to check it out!
Another great movie about the sex trade. Yes, not a very pleasant topic or issue but the movie was really well done and I found it pretty factual.
This documentary made me cry but I think it's important to know what really went on down there and what happened to all of those animals.
I love all of Jane Austen's book so this movie was a fun twist on that and I really liked it! I also have a thing for British movies so it hit the spot for me.

This movie was just a fun watch with my mom. Nothing too serious (or original) but just a good time.


  1. There look like some good movies in there that I will have to watch.
    Thanks for the list.

  2. I watched You Again and I liked it. I am not to sure if Paul felt the same but I thought it was great for a not having to think and just enjoy. I am downloading Post Grad now and I will give that ago. Something light to get the week off to a great start!
    Love ya Mandi!

  3. oh, i'm glad you liked it. Ya, a few of them are just brainless movies, just something if you don't want to think. I've watched a lot of really great movies in feb too, i'll be posting that soon : )


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