February 21, 2011

Health Tip of the Week: Glutton free Lara Bars

I have a couple of girl friends that are allergic to glutton and I see how hard it is for them at times to find good (and tasty) options so I always try to keep my eyes open for things they might like and I thought this was a great find.

My mom and I were in Costco and it was a sample day (I love those!) and we were trying some glutton free crackers and the sample man told us about these bars. We went searching for them and my mom decided she’d get a box and then if we liked them I’d get one too (they’re $13 for a box of 12 so it would suck if they tasted nasty). We shared the Key Lime bar on the drive home and it was amazing! I’m going to be having the Chocolate Coconut one today and it has only 5 ingredients, all of which I know and recognize (almonds, dates, coconut, coco powder, walnuts)

Check out their website and their Philosophy!

“Our Food Philosophy: Simple. Pure. Delicious.™

LÄRABAR firmly believes that the foundation of a sound mind, body and spirit is derived from what you eat. And what you eat is healthiest and most satisfying when it's in a whole, natural state. 

Our company name comes from an ancient belief that food falls into two categories:

which beckon consumption again and again, sapping the body of energy without any real health benefits, Today, they're called "junk foods."

on the other hand, resonate with energy in a whole, natural state. When consumed, they cause you to feel vibrant and alive.

You can expect an unmistakable urge to humm after every LÄRABAR bar you eat.

Let the humming begin!”

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  1. These are so freaken good but $$$. I could eat them all the time :)


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