February 2, 2011

I want that $5 Amazon gift card!

Have any of you tried out Swag Bucks yet? I heard about it and thought I'd give it a try. For me so far it doesn't seem like a very effective way to get points unless I buy my Groupon or Team Buy coupons through Swag Bucks in which case I can get around 400 Swag Bucks which gets me pretty close to that $5 Amazon gift card (who doesn't love amazing?!). You can watch their Swag Bucks TV, do surveys and all sorts of other stuff too but right now that seems like way too much work for the small amount of points you get. It's a good thing to do when you're board though, that's for sure!

Right now I'm at 44 points. I'm just waiting for there to be a Groupon I want to make it worth it! But if you think about it; if you were going to buy the Groupon anyways why not really capitalize on this couponing thing right? Even more bang for your buck!

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