February 27, 2011

An Oscar post...because I was there

Ok....I wasn't really there there, but I am in LA and I watched it (on my hotel TV) from LA, instead of Winnipeg, so I was so much closer.

Marshall and I did Hollywood a few days ago and totally forgot that the Oscars would be happening when we are down here. We thought "How cool would it be to get to go to the Oscars?!" so we tried to get tickets to the show (we heard from our tour bus driver that the very cheapest, in the back were going for $1000, but I couldn't find anywhere to support that), and then I did a little internet research and found out that you can 1) Apply to be a seat filler, but you have no guarantee of actually getting to see any of the show; you're on "stand by" the whole night 2) Enter the draw in September for one of the 600 seats in the bleacher for the red carpet. I haven't found anywhere where you can actually buy tickets to the show and it seems, from what I've heard that what you can find on the street and resold tickets (I've heard people have paid $30,000-$40,000 for a tickets!!) are watched pretty tightly and even with one of those tickets they might not let you in. (Here are a couple of links if you want to look into this more!)

Needless to say there was no chance with two days notice Marshall and I were going to get in. But all was not lost. We still got to walk around outside and what all the preparation. It was pretty interesting and cool to get to be there to see that. Now I can put a place and perspective to what I see on TV. We had passes to have a tour of the theater but due to the setting up we couldn't go in. Here's a few photos though of what we did get to see. Nothing like what you see on TV but it was still pretty surreal.


  1. You're so close to me! I live in Long Beach. I was super enamored with Hollywood and L.A. before I moved down here, then I realized that it's actually pretty dirty and not that fun (in my opinion). While you guys are down here you should try and make your way down the coast and check out some of the famous SoCal beach towns. I love them!

  2. so cool! i would have loved to just creep around during it to see all of the madness!

  3. Amanda, I think we did check out those beaches, when we were driving up the coast! Very cool stuff!! I'll post lots of pictures!


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