March 24, 2011

Road Trip Feature: Flagstaff Arizona

I feel like I really didn't get to see enough of this town, so I thought I would do a little post on it. If you're looking for some great tourist info check out this site.
Go for a drive around downtown, doing the day, and at night. There are a lot of really cool buildings down there.

Drive along a bit of Route 66 if you want to say you did it! Ultra tourist but still sort of fun.

If it's nice out go for a walk and go in to some of the cute shops and boutiques

Find some hiking trails and go for a hike. It's so beautiful around there!
Oh and I would suggest trying out Nimarco's Pizza. It's very good!

I've also heard really good things about the Beaver Street Brewery, so I'd say check that out too.


  1. fun, it looks really beautiful there!

  2. :I I'm from Flagstaff, just recently moved to Oklahoma! Looking at these photos made me homesick. :/


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