October 6, 2011

Road Trip, Day 15: More Seattle

I love Seattle. I want to go back already! Here are a few more photos of our time there. I'd like to go there in the summer time, I'm sure it's really pretty that time of year too.

These dogs were seriously cute. I black one is a carine terror which I always love to see because Ollie is a half carine half yorkie.

It was starting to rain and we were getting pretty hungry so we went to Salty's. I'll write more about that later but I suggest you give it a try if you ever go to Seattle. The first thing I ordered wasn't anything like it sounded on the menu, but then I got clam chowder; oh gosh it was good! And the view from there is wonderful.

Oh and then there was this- a giant snickerdoddle! It was pretty tasty, but honestly, I make them better :)

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