January 7, 2012

Movie Marathon

We had our annual Movie Marathon this week. It was pretty make shift this year. With being away, and being busy with school I didn't put in a lot of time to planning this so there wasn't a lot of anticipation on what movies we would watch, and what we would eat. We pretty much found a couple movies we wanted to see on Netflix which got up thinking about a couple other ones we wanted to download, I found some appetizers we still had in the freezer and some baking and we went to it.

 I leave to make some food and this is what I come back to...

Ollie is pretty ballsy. He just gets right up on the table to get to the food. I was like "Hey! Seriously?" then he sat down thinking that "Oh, well I'll do a trick, and then maybe I'll get something". It's a good thing he's so cute.

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