May 26, 2012

Movie Reel

The Avengers - I really liked it. I've liked all the movies leading up to it, and I have a thing for that sort of mystical action.

The Vow - Not as cheesy as I thought it would be. It was nice because it seemed just a lot more realistic so that was nice for a change!

Fargo - Great movie, I live so close to the states and go to
Fargo often so it was really funny cause I could relate to the context. Messed up movie though! The

Woman in Black - I watched it with one of my girl friends who scares easy which made it that much more scary. I thought it ended a little weak but over all a good movie.

1 comment:

  1. Fargo is a fave of mine.

    The Vow was hysterically schmalzy to me. I didn't think they could come up with any more reasons for Channing to get his shirt off, but I guess they had to distract from his acting somehow!!! x


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