July 26, 2012

Indoor House Plant Lighting Definitions

I find it hard at times to determine what is the right amount of lights for my plants. Tags say direct light, bright light but not direct etc. and I find it all, well a little nondescript so I thought I'd do a little research and this info is great. I find it really explains it well and gives you a great idea of how to really take care of your plants. 

What is a sunny (direct sun) location?
Within 2 feet of a south- or southwest-facing window.
Window sills flooded with sunlight.
A sun room (If you have one, lucky you!)

What is a bright (indirect sun) location?
Within 4-5 feet of an east- or west-facing window.
3-5 feet from a window that faces south or southwest.
Any place where the sun shines into a room for several hours.

What is a partially shaded (low light) location?
An east-facing window where the morning sun shines into the room for only a few hours. Morning sun is cooler than afternoon sun, so you don't have to worry about overheating your plant.
At least 3-5 feet away from a window that faces south or southwest.
Directly in front of a north-facing window gives a plant low-to-medium light intensity.

What is a shady location?
More than 6 feet away from a south- or southwest-facing window.
Hallways, staircases, and corners of rooms.
Near windows that are shaded by trees.



  1. I feel that direct sunlight means more than 6 hours of sunlight wihle shade is 2-3 hours or less of sunlight. This is how we plant stuff in our yard which was a task trying to map out where the sun is as the year progresses and the position of the sun slightly changes.

  2. the sun light definitions are different from house plants to outdoor plants, but ya, i agree with you for what you say about the outdoor plants, that totally right, and that's what i do too! :)


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