December 21, 2009

4th Annual Movie Marathon

My husband and I have a movie marathon every year for Christmas. It’s a tradition we started when we started dating and we’ve done it now for four years.

Throughout the year we write down movies when they come up that we want to see, or old movies that we want to see again. We pick 5-6 movies and spend a whole day watching. This year we upped the excitement a bit and opened a gift each and got a little more serious and had appetizers and Sucre A Crème & Skor Fruit Dip with apples (I’ll be posting that recipe soon!).

So I figured I would share our picks, and some great options for holidays appetizers

We watched this one last year too, and Marshall really liked it. I liked it but really didn’t feel like watching it again so Marshall (because he usually wakes up earlier then me either when we sleep in) watched it first thing without me, which I was totally ok with.

Marshall loves animated movies and cars, so there really was no fighting this one.

We saw the Broadway show of this and loved it! Marshall hasn’t even seen the movie so it was a “must” for the list this year, and I had forgotten how good it is!!

I was told this movie was super funny, but honesty, I didn’t find it that funny. I don’t see kids beating up adults and vice versa really funny (I know, I’m taking a joke too seriously, but I really don’t like the message of it you know?)

Can’t say I loved this movie, it moved sort of slow to me and it was gory in a mean sort of way, but I guess that was the point?

I didn’t realize that this movie was more like a documentary but I still really liked it and I would highly recommend the sound track!

And of course the appetizers!! We got then all from Superstore. Normally I’m not one for frozen appetizers, I find they can be a little sketchy, but these were really good!

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  1. We just watched Four Christmases last night and we were both disappointed with it, too. I normally really like Christmas movies, but there was too much in there that I didn't like.


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