January 8, 2011

Organize It: Night Time Tidy Up

In The Happiness Project she talks about doing an evening tidy up. I love the idea, mainly because I was already doing it and I know it helps heaps!
It’s not that hard to keep you going and it’s a great step to keep things from piling up. It’s pretty straight forward but for consistency sake (because I love consistency!) I’ll still do a couple of points:
1) Take 10-20 minutes each night, before you go to bed to do a around the house clean up
2) Pick up clothes that need to be put away and put them away
3) Put dishes in the dish washer or wash them
4) Put away shoes, phones, remote controls, any little thing that isn’t in its home (the closet, the remote box, the key holder etc.)
5) When you’re getting ready for bed take the clothes that you wore during the day and do something with them; laundry, hang them up etc. It’s great to include this on your clean up.
6) Keep up the habit! It’s so worth it!
Anal? Maybe, but it feels so wonderful waking up in the morning to a tidy house, and knowing that you don’t have a pile of stuff to do and it will keep you on track with the rest of your organizational goals.
Happy organizing!

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