February 5, 2011

My Pretty New Moonstone Ring

I can't believe that it's been this long and I still haven't posted about my birthday ring! I posted about this before my birthday in my birthday wish list but I never did do a follow up! Sorry about that. But here you go!

So I wanted to get this ring for my birthday. My dad said he wanted to get it for me but I still had a bit of a hesitation to order it online. I've never ordered jewelry online before and I have super tiny fingers so even just trying to find something in the stores is hard for me, the rings are always too big.

What to do? I found a local jewelry designer (Redd Line Jewelry) and went there. My mom also wanted a ring made from a stone she already had so we went together. After a few months of working at a design and waiting for a moon stone that was on order for forever (sometimes distributes take there sweet time!) I got my ring. If you look at the ring I was going to order online this is very different but I'm super happy with it. If you live in Winnipeg and are looking for an affordable place to get a ring made I would strongly recommend Redd Line!

You can't really tell in the photo but when the light hits the stones it shines lines of blue, purple and pink. It's wonderful.

I got the band hammered to add a little extra.
Here's a picture of my mom's ring too. Pretty right? It's a sapphire she brought back from Barbados when she was 23! She's waited a long time to get something made with it!


  1. We all have stunning rings! I love your rainbow moon stone and the fact that it is square. I just can't get enough of the moonstone I guess.

  2. Brides usually wear it while sporting turmeric or henna as gold jewelry might get spoiled when it comes in contact with them and they do save it - atleast the beads and bases as a memento -

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