March 9, 2011

Wedding Redo: Jane Austin Style

I did a post a while ago on having an English breakfast and I thought it would be really cool to have a whole wedding that way! But to go one step further- a Jane Austen inspired wedding! So here are my picks and findings to have such a theme.
Cake is always a great place to start!
The photography would look something like this

You Know I think I would have my man just like Darcy in the original BBC series of Pride and Prejudice.

Here's a little more modern option too.
And the dress. Well it would be some sort of variation between all of these.

And of course there would be lots and lots of dancing!
And of course the table settings and grand banquet after the wedding! A must right? I get all fair tailish just thinking about it!

And the girls would be in something a little more modern but with a feel for the old and traditional

In my research I found this really great blog- Jane Austen Today. Check it out, a lot of really fun Austen info and lots of photos, which to me is the best part!

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