April 20, 2011

Making Change: Happiness

This is good right? I have been struggling lately with just being happy with me, and with what I have. I have a really great life and I don't know why I get caught up in having what someone else has. Well, I do sort of know, I am constantly around media sources that pour that into me; you have to have better, more, what the other guy has, stronger, faster, more expensive. Don't get me wrong, there's just some things I want the best of but really why can't we just be happy too? Why not be in the now, enjoy the now, enjoy what we have right here, and right now? I'm working on it that's for sure.


  1. Very good. I might need to repost this.

    It's something my mom has always reminded me. "You can choose to be happy." I have not always believed her, and sometimes we're in a place that is too crowded, too loud or too dark to recognize this truth.

    I found out my boyfriend is leaving for an unknown amount of time for work recently, and I got really down about it. Then yesterday in the shower, as I contemplated him, and his approaching absence, I got this rush of happiness. I started to realize how lucky I am to be with him at all. And how much he has blessed my life.

    Happiness is wanting what you have. Being grateful. Living one moment at a time. Definitely a choice.

  2. happiness is totally what you make of your life! nothing will make you less or more happy then your choices.

    that's sad your bf has to go away for a while. my husband was away all summer last year and only back on the weekends. worst part was we just moved into our house and we just got a dog. it was not fun at all!! but you know it only makes you love them more right?


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