August 13, 2011

Boon Burger

My dinner club decided on Boon Burger this last month. I'd never been (which is sort of the point. We try to go to places none of us has been to) but I knew it was veggie land, so I wasn't too sure what I would get. I'm not the hugest fan of most veggie burgers but these ones were pretty good. It wasn't all tofu made to taste like meat which was really nice.

I had the chilli fries which were good other then not having enough cheese.

We got approached four times while eating by homeless people for change. That sort of took away from the experience, because, well we were trying to eat and have a conversation and it's just having your waiting come and interrupt you every five minutes except this makes you feel even worse because someone that needs something is asking for money (you hope it's for food) right when you are eating something tasty.

Anyways, I'd give it a 5. It was ok. I tried it. I wouldn't go back again for a long time, mainly because I don't love that type of food (I want meat in my burger please!) and there's still so many places in this wonderful city I haven't tried yet. I did like the toy animals as order numbers though. That was fun.


This was not from Boon Burger. My friend Roxy who has her own restaurant brought this for us for dessert. OH MY GOSH was it good! I think she called it Midnight Truffle. Wow, I just have to say, she's amazing and I could eat that all night!


  1. Ah... I just love reading your blogs mandy! It's especially fun when we're in there. Great job, keep going at it! I personally find them very useful, unique, honest, entertaining and exciting!


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