April 23, 2010

My Love, My Plants

No, this post isn't about Marshall but one of my other loves- my plants! We have these great ledges in our apartment and because it's spring we can use them now! (We had plastic on the windows in winter :(

So this spring I decided I was going to try out planning from seeds! First I started with Mint and they're doing pretty good so far! (above)

I also did this!! I saw it (above) in a magazine and thought it was the coolest thing. Unfortunately my fish died but it was good for my plant project so I used the his (Marko, my fish) fish bowl, the rocks and soil I already had and got a couple plants and made this great plant bowl. I love it! Cool hey?
And then my 8 different spices! I'm really excited about these! I didn't want to buy all sorts of planters (they're often so expensive) so I thought "Why not tea cups and mugs?" and I had some really cute ones so that's what I did. I glued the saucer down to the tea cups and went to town planting and labelling. No live on the soil surface yet but I'll post a couple more pictures as they grow! I can't have a dog yet (apartment rules) so my plants are my babies until then.

Do you have any plant project on the go? Or any growing tips for me? I'd love to hear them!!


  1. This is so fun Mandi! I can't wait to see them in real life and to see your place since I haven't even seen pictures yet.

  2. oh, this is so exciting.
    i can't belive marko is dead!!! that guy was going to live forever, but the fishbowl plant looks SO good.
    i am in envy of your teacup plants - one of my good friends had a collection like that and i always thought it was the cutest!
    good luck, herb gardening is so nice because you can actually use them!

  3. What type of plant is the fishbowl one?

  4. those are all types of succulent plants. One is a Jade, and other two, I'm sorry, I don't know the names. Very common tho, you could find them very easily.


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