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July 16, 2011

The Farmer's Market

 (Lobster plant! Isn't it pretty?)

The St. Norbert Farmer's Market is one of my favorite places to shop in the summer time. The flowers, the free range eggs and meat, the honey, the baking, oh there's just so many good things to pick from!

After the market we made a stop at a fund raising garage sale. We saw a play ground across the street...

This this is crazy! You lean forward a little and with your own body weight it spins you around and around. It's sort of scary and makes you want to through up but still very fun! 

We all were feeling sort of like this after though....

July 3, 2011

Concert in the park

 We had a triple date planned and my friend Katie found out about a free symphony concert in the park. We all packed up some snacks and went out and enjoyed.

I love times out like that. I love that our city has events like this. Other then the nice weather this is why summer is my favorite time of year.

June 16, 2011

Garage Saling, Love Winnipeg & Stella's

 A couple of weeks ago Marshall, my mom and I spent the day garage saling. We were going to go the the big neighborhood garage sale in Lindenwoods (a nicer area of the city) but we saw a couple of signs on a street close to mine (the more earthy, hippy area of the city) and turns out that whole street has garage sales all on the same Saturday together every year. We got some seriously great stuff (which I will be posting about in the Thrift House series) and spent all morning there!

Then we decided to have lunch (and stop back at our place to empty the car) and came across Love Winnipeg set up in a parking lot. They had all sorts of great stuff including free plants (which mom and Marshall are both holding).

They had all these free lotions and things. You could pick 3 of them each and they wrapped them up nice for you with a bow. They also had free toys (which I grabbed for Ollie), free music, bike repair, petty zoo, coffee, cookies and drinks. They really know how to do it!

(They were really having a good time to the music, very entertaining to watch!)

This is the bakery part to the new Stella's. It made me feel like I was in Europe again, I loved it. I can't wait to have a chance to sit in there with a pastry and a book!

Their little patio between the bakery and the restaurant. It was so cold that day, but maybe we'll sit out there next time.

The things you see in Wolseley...

Don't these all look great? They really know how to make a great breakfast there. The sandwiches were good too but the breakfast is just my favorite. My mom and I shared and I ended up eating more of hers them my own.

If you haven't been to this location yet I suggest it. I really like it, a lot!

Isn't my mom pretty?

May 27, 2011

Doors Open Winnipeg

I missed this last year and I'm so glad I'm not going to this year.

It's the 8th annual Doors Open Winnipeg and what it is, is there are lots of locations around the city that open their doors for free for the weekend for you to come and look at the historic buildings. Some places are museums already but some this is the only chance you may likely get all year to see them. I'm really excited about this 1) because I love historic stuff and 2) It's free and that goes very nicely with the budget.

If you're anywhere near Winnipeg this weekend you should check it out!

Here's the website for more info!

April 11, 2011

99 Cent Teen Burgers!!

Pretty great deal right? You can only use one per customer, and you can only print out one per account, but I opened up a few accounts (me, my husband, my business etc.) so I have four coupons. I'm pretty excited! 

If you haven't checked out Go Deals yet you need to!

April 10, 2011

Chocolate Goal...

Ok, so I thought seeing as Ciao is doing the Indulge thing this month I am going to try to go to as many of the places that I haven't been to before as I can. Of course I'm not going to go to the places that the desserts sound boring (and there are a few!) but here's the list of places I want to try and hit up!

Chocolate Zen- Dark Chocolate Coconut Macaroons
Joe Black Coffee Bar- Chocolate Mousse
De Luca's Bakery- Dulce De Leche Slice
High Tea Bakery- Brownie Duo
Lilac Bakery- Chocolate Cake
Steve's Bistro - Mud Pie
Sweet Impressions- Cupcakes & Cookies

I know, it's a but of a list to fit in all in April but I love trying new places and we have a few double dates so I'm hoping I'll have some other people wanting to try these places with me! (And considering that there's 30 different places I think I narrowed it down pretty good!)

If you haven't checked out the site yet here's the link again!

April 5, 2011

Dine About Winnipeg: Chocolate!!!

I can't wait to try some of these! I hope I get to go to a few! Check out the Ciao website for more details.

March 29, 2011

Need an apartment?

Just thought for all my local readers I would let you know we are looking for a new renter for our basement suite. If you know of anyone here's the ad:

This totally remodeled and updated suite has a great feel with bar style kitchen (large bar fridge, cook top, toaster oven, and microwave), large bedroom, 4 piece bathroom and shared laundry, private entrance and parking stall! Also there is a ground level patio (soon to be fenced in for more privacy) It?s a great (and quiet) suite for a student or couple! Public transit is one block away and Polo Park is only 12 blocks away!

Rent is $600; includes heat, water, hydro, cable, and parking spot (in back lane)

Call for viewing 371-8757

January 21, 2011

The search for a warm winter mitten

So I take the bus. I have to stand outside for around 10 minutes at both of my waits, and when the weather really sucks the buses are usually late and I have to wait even longer.

For some reason I can find everything else warm but not mittens. I asked all my friends on face book and I got a lot of different suggestions. I'm always hesitant to go out and spend a bunch of money but I was getting a lot more sick of having cold and frozen hands all the time... SO I decided that I was going to go out and buy all the different gloves suggested and find something that would finally work. I was tiered of always having cold hands! (Of course I made sure I bought them at places I could do returns..Having 5 pairs of gloves that didn't work wasn't part of this plan!)

So I thought I would share this all with you. It's a relativity boring post but I thought if you're like me and have tiny hands with no fat on them to keep you warm, and sort of bad circulation this might really be helpful!

I first tried these. They were $90 gloves so I thought for sure they would be pretty good. Nope. My fingers (at -20C) got cold within 5 minutes and freezing within 10 minutes. They were by far the nicest gloves but that doesn't matter when you have no fingers!

Next I tried some Hot Paws from Costco. They were $30 but I heard they were like having heaters on your hands. Nope. Again, no good. To be honest they were a little bit better then the North Face gloves, they lasted a couple minutes more but still not good enough.
Next a tried a pair of mittens from The Bay. I can't find an exact picture but they were similar to these but darker purple and they had fur around the cuffs. They were Thinsulate 40 Gram mitts which I was told is a great rating and those should for sure do the job. They were the cheapest of all the gloves I found (on sale too) at $20. I tried them out for a couple of day, same cold testing and same results; no good at all! They lasted about 3 minutes at -20C before my fingers were cold.

The four try was a pair of Dragon Fly Thinsulate mittens from Sports Check. They were 100 Gram gloves so I was sure they had to do better then the other gloves. Nope. About the same: after 5 minutes my fingers were cold and after about 8 minutes they were freezing. Even curling them up in a ball inside the mittens didn't do much at that point. When I brought them back "Is there anything wrong with them?", "They're not warm". The cashier wasn't too sure what to say, but at least I was honest right.

Ok, so my last effort? Go to MEC (Mountain Equipment Co-op) and try and find something there. I spent about 30 minutes trying on all the different gloves and trying to find something that seemed that it would work better then the rest (it's amazing how little labeling is on these things!). Finally I decided on a pair of Gordini mittens. By this time I had the other four pairs of gloves going through their tests so this pair was last and boy could I tell the difference when I got to these! No, they don't work for more then half an hour out standing in the cold in -30, but at that point, I find that not much does! They work well for the 10-20 minutes I'm standing outside in -20 to -30. My hands start go get cold at the 10 minute mark and at about 20 minutes (if I haven't moved my fingers around or tried anything to keep them warm) they start to really feel frozen. But you know, considering where I live and all the other tries I've had with gloves and how poorly they did I'm taking this as a success. $40 after tax, not too bad for toasty warm fingers.