June 9, 2010

What Should I Do To Marshall's Hair?

So Marshall wants a haircut, but this time not the usual trim, he wants something a little different.

The last time I cut hair as short as he is wanting was in high school and it didn’t go so well…BUT I’ve had a lot of practice since then, and my mom, having been a hair dresses for 20+ years has coached and walked me through a lot of cuts.

So being the type to want a second opinion here are the top three picks. I know they are all similar but that’s sort of the point…

Option #1

Option #2

Option #3
Which one do you think would look best on him?

1 comment:

  1. I am kind of late on this post but what did you end up doing with his hair?

    I think all of the photos look pretty much the same but i do like the feau hawk!


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