June 18, 2011

My New Air Plants (yes, again....)

I got new air plants!! I didn't have the best luck with my first set of them and one by one they died off. I thought I was caring for them right but it turns out they do a lot better if you just mist them, instead of putting them in a bowl of water (note to self right?).

My girl friend who is studying horticulture told me that all she does is mist her's a few times a week and she's had it for well over a year...great...and all this time I thought I was caring for them right (what you find online isn't always correct!).

So as they were dying off I was putting the dead one in a bag and kept them in the back of my closet because I was hoping when the place I got them reopened for the season I could get replacements.

My mom had tried to get some new ones (she had the same problem) and they only have her like a 30% store credit of the original cost of the plant. I wasn't too hopeful at that point but I went there anyways on a date day with Marshall and I got all five of mine straight up exchanged. The attendant just told me to go and pick our new ones. I didn't even have to price match to get ones of the same value!

When we were leaving I felt like I had gotten away with murder (plant murder?) and was so excited that I got all new air plants!!

After my friend Sheri had told me how to care for the correctly I tried it on my one remaining air plant and it's worked so far so I'm certain that I can keep these five new ones alive.

And what's even more exciting? Now I have all this driftwood from our road trip that makes a perfect home for these plants!!

This one is sort of a cluster of a few small little air plants. Smaller variations of one of the other plants I have. I think if it grows I will find a way to separate them and maybe give a few as gifts.

(the above air plant was the one I still had. See it's doing pretty good right?)

I'm not too sure if I am going to keep the plants here but I thought I'd try it out for now. I'm loving how they just sit on the driftwood tho. It's so pretty and so similar to how they would grow in nature so I love it.

If you have air plants or are thinking of getting some here's some care info!


  1. Looks good! One of mine died, I had it on sand and I think the sand held the moisture for too long. The one that's in an open place seems to be doing well though.

  2. Oh that's probably totally what it was. I had a couple that I think died because they couldn't dry out enough. it's something you need to watch out for. They are sort of hard to care for unless you know just right now to do it, once you got that they do great!

  3. found some nice hanging air "plantres" at west elm you might be interested in. enjoy :)



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