June 17, 2011

Smoke's...A huge disappointment

We went with our friends TJ & Carolyn to try out Smoke's. I wanted to go there opening day but I am glad we didn't because as it was we still had to wait in like for around 30 minutes. I hate waiting for food, and I usually eat a little something before I got places because I get so edgy when I'm hungry so I was hoping this poutine was going to be seriously worth it.

This wall idea was very cool. I like that. There decor and store design was very cool.

I liked the pop shoppe drinks. Marshall said it tasted like dish soap but that just meant more for me!

I tried the poutine with bacon. I was super excited and it smelt good...but it didn't taste so good. The bacon tasted like the worst microwave bacon I have ever tried, there wasn't a lot of cheese or gravy, and the fries where really mushy. For a totally of $18 for 2 (small) poutines and one drink we were not impressed. I'll be honest I like the $4 (two times the size!) poutine and costco better!

Marshall was really happy here...not so happy after eating it. We all felt pretty gross after and it just sort of sat there in our stomachs all night. Maybe the quality sucked because of the amount of people they were serving but I can't say I'll be going back there any time soon. Great to be with friends, and it was fun trying it but that's about it!


  1. How disappointing! Zach and I were just talking the other day...neither of us can remember the last time we went out to eat and were really wowed. It seems we go out to eat mostly when I want a break from cooking, but then we're disappointed afterwards, because I could have made the same thing, usually much better, for half as much money. Something about that just doesn't seem right.

  2. I went there a week ago. It was okay. The poutine had too much rosemary flavour. I was just happy I got a poutine where the cheese was actually melting. So many times I get them and its just cheese curds and not melted cheese.

  3. I know right? it's so wrong to get such bad quality food for such a high price!

  4. That stinks that the food didn't turn out good. I hate that!

  5. How disappointing! My husband and I LOVE poutine. We discovered it while in Canada on our honeymoon. We didn't know what it was and thankfully the people we were renting our cabin from enlightened us. I just may have gained 10 pounds over that week, but it was well worth it! Now when we really want to treat ourselves we make it at home, but its never as good as it was on Manitou Lin Island!

  6. I can't believe you were disappointed! This is one of the best poutines ever but you must get the classic one and maybe the fact that it is a Quebec food made in Manitoba they just can't get it right... ha ha
    I think you need to let them work out the kinks and go back but get the classic poutine because really that is the best out of the tons I have tired. So sad you didn't like it. Did you at least get a sticker from them? I still have a big stack :)

  7. I thought I did get the classic one? I don't know, I mean how hard is poutine? I didn't get a sticker because I didn't like the place, and I still have one from you :)


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