June 16, 2011

Garage Saling, Love Winnipeg & Stella's

 A couple of weeks ago Marshall, my mom and I spent the day garage saling. We were going to go the the big neighborhood garage sale in Lindenwoods (a nicer area of the city) but we saw a couple of signs on a street close to mine (the more earthy, hippy area of the city) and turns out that whole street has garage sales all on the same Saturday together every year. We got some seriously great stuff (which I will be posting about in the Thrift House series) and spent all morning there!

Then we decided to have lunch (and stop back at our place to empty the car) and came across Love Winnipeg set up in a parking lot. They had all sorts of great stuff including free plants (which mom and Marshall are both holding).

They had all these free lotions and things. You could pick 3 of them each and they wrapped them up nice for you with a bow. They also had free toys (which I grabbed for Ollie), free music, bike repair, petty zoo, coffee, cookies and drinks. They really know how to do it!

(They were really having a good time to the music, very entertaining to watch!)

This is the bakery part to the new Stella's. It made me feel like I was in Europe again, I loved it. I can't wait to have a chance to sit in there with a pastry and a book!

Their little patio between the bakery and the restaurant. It was so cold that day, but maybe we'll sit out there next time.

The things you see in Wolseley...

Don't these all look great? They really know how to make a great breakfast there. The sandwiches were good too but the breakfast is just my favorite. My mom and I shared and I ended up eating more of hers them my own.

If you haven't been to this location yet I suggest it. I really like it, a lot!

Isn't my mom pretty?

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  1. I see fantastic food + and I love that guys kilt + looks good on him + and not everyone can wear them.



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